Member Advice Centre

What is FTA’s Member Advice Centre?

The Member Advice Centre (MAC) is a free telephone service for FTA members that provides access to our transport advisors. Our team will offer you expert advice and answers on your legal and operational questions.

What can I get advice on?

Anything that affects the compliance of your operation, from drivers' hours and working time through to vehicle maintenance standards and current legislation.

Read the latest edition of the Member Advice Centre Infozine (members only).

What are the benefits?

You’ll enjoy the following benefits from our Member Advice Centre.

  • Speaking to a team of helpful advisors with unparalleled knowledge and experience
  • Immediate answers to your questions in most cases
  • Briefings on legislative and operational issues
  • Information on and assistance with any compliance issues

How do I contact the Member Advice Centre?

The service is available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
If you’re an FTA member, get the MAC telephone number.
Not an FTA member? Find out how to join.

January Member Briefings - further information

The following briefing notes support the presentations at the current Member Briefings (member password required):