About FTA Freight Councils

What are the FTA Freight Councils?

Freight Councils are democratic meetings for FTA members that give those in the logistics industry the chance to:

  • learn about policies being proposed by UK, regional and local government and their agencies and their implications for logistics operations – aimed at helping future-proof your operation
  • help decide FTA’s response to proposals – ensuring the needs of your company are taken into consideration in what we say
  • network with your peers in the industry

October  and November 2016 meetings

During the October and November 2016 meetings, Freight Council members will discuss:

  • opportunities for reforming road transport rules as a result of Brexit
  • an EU consultation proposing changes to EU drivers' hours rules and working time and why this is still important in spite of Brexit
  • Department for Transport proposals for changes to weights and dimensions for green vehicles
  • as well as: the Government's plans for investment in the road network; testing for fast tractors; and FTA's work on engaging the Board Room in fleet compliance

Any FTA member can attend any of our regional Freight Councils – if you usually attend one and cannot make the date please feel free to register at another.

Future meetings

The next round of meetings will take place in October and November 2016; meetings are free for members to participate in.

  • Tuesday 18 October – Durham
  • Tuesday 18 October – Tunbridge Wells
  • Wednesday 19 October – Yeovil
  • Thursday 20 October – Swansea
  • Thursday 20 October – Wakefield
  • Thursday 20 October – Belfast
  • Tuesday 25 October – Wigan
  • Tuesday 25 October – Soham, near Newmarket
  • Wednesday 26 October – Coventry
  • Thursday 27 October – Nottingham
  • Tuesday 1 November – central London
  • Wednesday 2 November - Glasgow

If you are an FTA member and would like see exact dates and venues for future meetings please visit the members' council homepage, and to request to attend any meeting please contact Tracy Seager at tseager@fta.co.uk or telephone 01892 55 22 85.

If you are not an FTA member but are interested to know more, please contact our Member Service Centre on 03717 11 22 22* or email memberservices@fta.co.uk.

*Calls may be recorded

FTA Council structureHow are the councils structured?

There are 12 regional councils located throughout the UK which each meet quarterly. Outcomes from the regional councils are fed into the National Council. The National Council is divided into the following four bodies.

  1. Road Freight Council - made up of 40 regional Freight Council members and 20 directly appointed members. Decisions made by Road Freight Council about road freight can become FTA policy without approval by Freight Transport Council.
  2. Rail Freight Council - made up of 12 regional Freight Council members and 30 directly appointed members. Decisions made by Rail Freight Council about rail freight can become FTA policy without approval by Freight Transport Council.
  3. British Shippers’ Council - made up of 12 regional Freight Council members and 40 directly appointed members. Decisions made by British Shippers’ Council regarding sea freight, air freight, or international supply chains can become FTA policy without approval by Freight Transport Council.
  4. Freight Transport Council - made up of members of the FTA Board, Road Freight Council, Rail Freight Council, British Shippers’ Council and directly appointed members. Freight Transport Council oversees FTA’s campaigning activity and deals with issues affecting entire supply chains.

You’ll also have the opportunity to join the following:

  • Global Shippers' Forum (GSF) - GSF discusses global supply chain policy issues affecting shippers by all modes. The Secretariat for this organisation is provided by FTA
  • International Supply Chain Forum (ISCF) - this forum guides FTA’s policy and campaigning across the supply chain, giving members the chance to share knowledge and best practice

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