Van Excellence Driver Competence course – a terrific step forward Tue Oct 20 11:20:00 BST 2015

Attendees of the inaugural FTA Van Excellence Certificate of Driver Competence course have described the event as ‘a fantastic day of learning,’ and said that the initiative is the right ‘step forward for the van driver population and industry sector.’

The initial course was an introduction to the brand new Certificate of Driver Competence created in response to industry interest in a nationally recognised van driver qualification. It was initiated by Van Excellence members in order to help them demonstrate how professional their drivers are, and how seriously they take the responsibilities of their roles.

Attendee Simon Pill – Iceland Foods Ltd - Delivered Sales Project Manager said: “The Van Excellence course was a really good day of learning, well facilitated and extremely useful.”

Whilst another delegate – Andy Blythe – National Logistics Manager - Alliance Healthcare commented: “This is a terrific step forward for the van driver population and industry sector.”

Elements covered were requested by the development group of the Van Excellence course as an expected minimum level of competence from any driver regardless of sector. These include fitness to drive; pre-use vehicle inspections; vehicle loading and safety of loads; rules of the road and the ambassadorial role of the driver.

Speaking about the importance of the course - FTA Head of Vans - Mark Cartwright said: “The response to the Van Excellence Driver Competence course from attendees has been fantastic. Their enthusiasm and praise demonstrates how important professionalising the role of a van driver is to the industry.

“Van fleet operators have called on the FTA to develop a course that is aimed at the development of training and qualifications designed to meet these needs. It is essential to improve the image of the van driver in order to demonstrate a real commitment to operate in a safe, professional, considerate and compliant manner.”


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