FTA applauds Select Committee’s common sense approach Fri Jul 24 14:46:00 BST 2009

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has today commended the House of Commons Transport Select Committee for its common sense approach to road strategy, and in particular road pricing.

James Hookham, FTA’s Director of Policy, said:

“The Transport Select Committee is absolutely right when it says that the driving public has lost faith in the way they are taxed. This is amplified in the logistics sector, where the ability to remain competitive in difficult economic times is compromised by a government that seems to see hauliers as a cash cow. As a sector, we take our environmental commitments very seriously, investing where we can in cleaner, greener vehicles. However, taxing us through fuel duty in the name of the environment means that such investments are made less possible, with many of our members putting fleet investments on hold.

“It is time for all political parties to be honest about the taxes they intend to levy and to stop hiding behind greenwash.”


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