Logistics Manifesto 2015

FTA has said that the logistics sector needs better support from Government in order to make logistics more efficient in the UK. The FTA Logistics Manifesto 2015 has been sent to prospective parliamentary candidates for their consideration during the election campaign.

Read the FTA Logistics Manifesto 2015
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The Manifesto sets out the priorities for delivering economic growth, improving safety and reducing pollution. It states that the logistics sector needs greater understanding by Government of the way it operates and that politicians must work with the industry in order to make it more efficient, improve safety and lower the environmental footprint.

The Manifesto emphasises how logistics underpins every aspect of modern life and is utterly indispensable to our home lives, our businesses, our schools and hospitals. Logistics can be made more efficient, but needs better support from the Government. This does not need to come with a huge price tag, but it does necessitate greater understanding of the way logistics operates and of how Government can work with businesses to achieve its own aims.

FTA’s Logistics Manifesto Policy Top 10

1. Recognise the logistics sector’s essential status
2. Reduce fuel duty for commercial vehicles
3. Provide support for industry’s skills development programme
4. Invest in national transport infrastructure
5. Encourage and enable private sector investment in transport
6. Commit to a plan for increased hub aviation capacity and preserve current access to night flights
7. Ensure regulatory systems are fit for 21st century logistics
8. Partner with industry to develop a programme which addresses both carbon and air quality challenges
9. Support the uptake of environment-friendly freight
10. Help towns and cities develop transport plans which deliver economically vibrant, safe and attractive places.