Logistics Agenda 2017

A logistics agenda for a safer, greener and more prosperous Britain - FTA has produced its manifesto ahead of the 2017 General Election outlining the priorities of the logistics industry for the next Government.

FTA\'s Logistics Agenda 2017

What is FTA calling for?

  • Free access for the UK freight and logistics industry to the EU market post-Brexit
  • Government assistance in forging new trade deals with leading and emerging economic powers
  • Increased investment in public infrastructure, both road and rail
  • Reduction of infrastructure costs associated with rail transport and protection for water freight access, to enable shippers to diversify their transport options


Why is this important?

Logistics underpins every aspect of modern life. From delivering goods to our high streets, collecting waste from our homes, refuelling our petrol stations, supplying money to our banks or carrying vital medicines to our hospitals, the logistics sector is indispensable to our way of life.

Meeting the needs of British consumers, each day the logistics industry transports...







But to provide seamless logistics the industry requires assurance and support from the next Government that it will ensure a favourable operating environment.


Download FTA's manifesto: FTA members only (login details required) | Available to all (complete the short form to access your copy)

Further information:  Press release 10 May 2017 | Contact: Christopher Snelling Head of National & Regional Policy and Public Affairs