In-Cab Camera Workshops

Operators are increasingly making use of in-cab technology for monitoring driver performance and guarding against bogus insurance claims. But what are the legal issues operators have to consider before installing the hardware? 

Following on from our January Regional Member Briefing's, we are pleased to announce a series of In-Cab Camera Workshops, where we will investigate the use of this technology in more detail and what as an operator you need to be aware of.

The workshops will provide the opportunity to gather your thoughts on the following:

  • nomination of a specific person within your organisation to be Data Controller and the legal processes they need to be aware of, including the new data protection act and the legislation around this
  • data processes and communication to all employees who will be affected by it
  • your processes for data use and how this information will be stored including third party access and formal agreements
  • your thoughts on the use of cameras and any concerns you as an operator may have
  • case studies and scenarios

The outcome of these workshops will be to approach relevant agencies for the answers to your queries and concerns, with a guide on the use and fitment of cameras and driver monitoring devices published in Autumn 2017.

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