PACE scheme

Professional. Articulate. Customer-oriented. Enthusiastic.

The PACE values are an important part of the fabric of FTA life. They feature in the way we interact with each other, how we do business with our members, what our processes are and how we communicate both internally and externally. We should all embrace and live the PACE values everyday in everything we do!

    • Treat colleagues and customers with respect and dignity 
    • Support each other - praise more than criticise 
    • Lead by example - set high standards of behaviour 
    • Take personal responsibility for making things happen 
    • Keep promises and honour commitments to each other 
    • Encourage creativity – everyone’s ideas are valued
    • Provide accurate information that can be relied on 
    • Deliver a consistent message appropriate to the audience 
    • Ditch the jargon - provide information that's clear and concise
    • State the facts - even if they may not be welcome 
    • Ask your colleagues rather than tell them
    • Listen to and understand our members better than anyone - they are our owners and our customers
    • Stick to our promises and keep communicating
    • Get the little things and details right
    • Learn from your colleagues experience
    • Find practical ways to overcome barriers
    • Seek to understand others’ needs, feelings and motivations and take an active interest in their concerns


    • Strive to do our very best
    • Tackle old problems in new ways - nothing is out of bounds
    • Take pride in everything we do
    • Recognise the contribution of individuals
    • Show an interest in all we do at FTA, not just in our own teams