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Posted on: Wednesday, 11 February 2015 by Kirsty Adams

We’ve learnt over the last few years of Van Excellence Operator Accreditation that the management of any change required to comply with our standards can be a frustrating and time-consuming challenge for the organisation involved.

Many operators quickly buy-in to the concept and aims of Van Excellence Accreditation but then become bogged down in the process. I once had it described as agreeing to do a charity skydive but then getting wedged in the door! I’m delighted we’ve an acknowledged expert in the field of change management in the transport and logistics sector speaking at our upcoming Van Excellence Operational Briefings and by way of an intro, here’s his blog…  

Proper change management unlocks the full benefits of Van Excellence, says Michael Rayner, director at TURRIS-UK Ltd. plane

Van Excellence can bring many benefits to a fleet organisation but it must be recognised for what it is: a change process. Change needs properly managing in order to realise its potential for improvement.    Change is never easy because it is never uniformly accepted, nor is it uniformly experienced across the organisation. However, there are ways to be comfortable with it. The key is to understand:

  • how to identify change
  • what the change requirements are
  • the risks associated with change
  • the benefits of change
  •  and how to manage them.

At the Van Excellence Conference I will be discussing how to identify the areas in which change is required: to understand the change requirements and its concomitant risks; to manage those risks; to implement the process at the right time; and then how to act, ensuring proper management of the process throughout.


Review, understand, decide, act… it sounds easy but in fact it is a loop of endless improvement, with substantial operational and managerial challenges. I’ll talk about those in more detail at the event. However, there are four keys to ensuring the success of your change process.  You need:


  • an enabler - usually a senior manager
  • good communication
  • the will to succeed
  • and to put in the work

Van Excellence is a good scheme; view it correctly as a change process and it can be an extremely powerfully scheme. It represents a management change in attitude to fleet and driver responsibility with substantial operational and financial benefits.


To hear more about managing change, come to the Van Excellence Operational Briefings 2015, held on 24 March in Weybridge and 27 March in Birmingham.

For more about Van Excellence please contact info@vanexcellence.co.uk


The 2015 Van Excellence Operational Briefings are in association with Mercedes-Benz Vans and our Van Excellence Industry Partners: ATS Euromaster, Bott Ltd, BT Fleet, Hertz Van Rental, Lex Autolease and Tom Tom Telematics.



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