Three Parties Are Better Than One

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 September 2013 by Mike Webb in categories Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Labour, Transport Hub, Westminster

As is now traditional in the early Autumn, FTA is set to spend three weeks in September taking the message of logistics to the heart of politics and policymaking at the three principal party conferences. This year sees a new venue, with the Liberal Democrats gathering by the Clyde in Glasgow, before heading down to the south coast to join Labour by the sea in Brighton and then up to the familiar and vibrant setting of Manchester for the Conservative conference.

At each conference, FTA has brought the transport industry together through its management of the Transport Hub; a space for members to discuss and promote their transport ideas, whatever they may be, in a low cost but high-profile way; and FTA is no different; holding a meeting at each conference on the theme of “Getting Britain’s Cities Moving”.

These events will see a diverse and interesting panel drawn from across the world of transport engaging in discussion of many of the critical issues affecting urban logistics and business – from the difficulty of actually delivering without incurring high PCN costs, to air quality, cycle safety, out of hours deliveries, modal shift away from private car use (and recognising the difference between car use and lorries working) and many more issues which affect how efficiently transport both business and personal can run through Britain’s urban spaces. These are issues which matter every day to FTA members, and so they are issues FTA is taking right to the heart of political debate.

FTA has also been invited to discuss the future of cycling with sustainable transport charity Sustrans as part of their events, also held under the Transport Hub banner; and will be doing so at each of the conferences.

Of course there is so much more to do besides the fringe meeting - FTA has a cross-party range of meetings with politicians from across the UK to discuss a wealth of concerns that matter to UK logistics. To give just a flavour of the ground to be covered these range from a sit down with Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion to discuss cross-border freight and the impact of next year's elections to Brussels to talking Severn Crossing and the M4 corridor with Cardiff's newest MP (Labour's Stephen Doughty) and getting to the bottom of ports access and infrastructure with Suffolk Coastal's Conservative MP Therese Coffey.

All of this work comes together to ensure that as the many bodies to which we elect politicians reconvene post-conference season; there is a healthy range of FTA member issues at the forefront of our representatives’ minds. 

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