FTA Talking Ports Access

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 July 2013 by Mike Webb

Yesterday saw FTA once again in Parliament giving evidence to the Transport Committee; this time on issues affecting access to Britain's ports by road and rail - and through them the wider economy.

FTA Director of Global and European Policy, Chris Welsh, began by setting out some of the key routes which are causing problem to logistics companies before going on to set out how these bottlenecks create congestions problems, giving the impression that Britain is a poor place to do international business, and creating air quality problems.

One member of the Committee was keen to discuss rail freight grants; and Mr Welsh explained that continued Mode Revenue Support Grant is critical for rail freight; as is protecting and continuing the Strategic Rail Freight Investment that has brought such benefit through the Control Period about to end.

The inquiry touched on a wide variety of other topics - from the iniquities and threat to rail freight from a change in policy from ORR on track access charging, to how ports can practically go about getting expansion plans granted and the potential effect on rail freight of HS2.

The Committee has also taken evidence from representatives of ports, and will be hearing from the Government later in the year.

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