Keeping the focus on Northern Ireland

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 April 2013 by Mike Webb in categories Northern Ireland, Westminster, Labour

This week, FTA was in Westminster to discuss a range of issues affecting Northern Ireland with the Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Vernon Coaker MP.

There are a number of issues affecting the logistics industry in Northern Ireland as the economy continues to struggle; ranging from the cost of ferries across the Irish Sea to the impact of enforement measures in Great Britain, to fuel duty and beyond.

FTA set out the negative impact of changes to ferry charges on routes out of Belfast; which over the last couple of years have incerased on some crossings by as much as 55 per cent. Given the stated objective of the Northern Ireland objective to stimulate private sector investment and declare Northern Ireland clearly open for business. However, if goods cannot travel from the province because of the cost of transport the recovery of the local economy will be severely damaged.

There was an opportunity to upate Mr Coaker on the campaign to export operator licensing across the entire island of Ireland; currently a work in progress in the south following its successful implementation in Northern Ireland last year and an assessment of the impact of fuel duty on the industry and economy of the province.

FTA would like to thank Mr Coaker for his time; and looks forward to working with him on these and other issues for the benefit of the almost 400 FTA members in Northern Ireland in the coming months.

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