Selected by the Committee part 2

Posted on: Thursday, 24 January 2013 by Mike Webb in categories Westminster, Road

FTA continued the recent close working with the Transport Committee (formerly the Select Committee) with a second verbal evidence session and submission of a third written submission in the month of January.

Following on from last week's discussion of aviation strategy, FTA was called into Parliament to take questions on land transport security in the EU; and the experience of FTA's members that trade across the continent.

A number of important issues came to the surface and were discussed in detail - the effectiveness of a risk-based approach; security of loads and drivers (including the lack of safe and secure lorrr parking); the security of the EU's borders; the impact of the shutting down of TruckPol; and, the effectiveness of security checks on cargo among other issues.

This was followed later in the week with a response to the Committee's call for evidence on the key issue of access to ports. For many of Britain's vital gateways to trade, poor road and rail connections are hampering their ability to operate efficiently and compete internationally. FTA will be sending in a submission offering policy suggestions of how to change these conditions and thereby improve the connectivity of Britain's ports.

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