Stay on track during the Paralympics

Posted on: Friday, 31 August 2012 by Debbie Attwood

By Head of Media Relations Julie Maddocks

It wasn't just the athletes who achieved amazing results at the London Olympics, the freight industry saw success during the event too.

After months of planning and preparation to ensure their drivers were kept up-to-date with information throughout the Games, goods were delivered in and around London with minimum disruption.

The combination of continuous travel updates, details on events and the implementation of night-time deliveries were just a few reasons why the Olympics were relatively problem-free for the logistics industry, but what about the Paralympics?

“Now is not the time to let your guard down” is the message from TfL – which is rightly concerned that the success of the Olympics could lull freight companies into a false sense of security over the next fortnight.

It seems they’ve got a point - particularly when you take into account that there’ll be inevitable added traffic this coming week; not only thanks to the Paralympic Route Network, Games Lanes and added visitors to London, but also the return to work and school for many after the summer break.

There’s also the worry that the apparent lack of traffic on the roads - as many avoided London during the Olympics and the two weeks between the two events, will make drivers believe the roads will be clear and a sense of complacency will have set in.

So, now is definitely not the time to take your eye off the ball - with Games Lanes back in force and further restrictions to stay abreast of; make sure your organisation keeps up-to-date with changes to delivery routes, drivers are informed of restrictions and delays on the roads, and you are communicating with your customers throughout the Paralympics.

FTA has all the details you’ll need to do all of that and keep on the move. It has a dedicated microsite;, a Games Advisor in its Member Advice Centre, (telephone 0870 60 50 000), regular traffic information, a 2012 support guide, and a free mobile phone app.

Realistically - who knows how busy the roads will be? But if, like every good boy scout, you’re prepared for the worst - then you can hope for the best.

All that being said, fingers crossed for a repeat performance for the Paralympics, and I don’t just mean when it comes to freight deliveries, but also in the sporting events too – “Come on Team GB!”

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