Guest Blog: The difference between success and failure

Posted on: Monday, 16 July 2012 by Debbie Attwood

Martin Schulz, Project leader for London 2012 at TNT Express UK, guest blogs for FTA...


Oh, the agony! Did you watch the game between England and Italy during Euro 2012? Predictably, it ended in a penalty shoot-out with an equally predictable outcome. Why did England fail to progress to the next round? What about Andy Murray versus Roger Federer – why didn’t Andy win in the final at Wimbledon? Team GB is targeting to win 48 medals in at least 12 sports at London 2012. Will they achieve it? No doubt, there are many considered opinions on these questions.

The freight industry will need to consider the difference between success and failure during the Olympic Games. As we all know by now, the imminent start of the Olympic Route Network (ORN) in London is likely to make life rather difficult, and costly, for all who carry out collections and deliveries in the Capital. The question is, will it be carnage on the roads or will it be ‘all right’?

Undoubtedly, an enormous amount of planning has gone into the development and operation of the ORN. Similarly, most of us have spent considerable amounts of time and other precious resources during our planning for the Games. TfL’s Olympic Transport Control Centre reportedly has access to 1,400 CCTV screens across London and have the ability to manually control around 3,000 traffic signals to keep or divert vehicles away from congested areas. TfL wants to ensure that the Games are about sport, not transport.

For me, the difference between success and failure will be whether freight companies can achieve the ultimate objective – to serve customers with the least amount of disruption as possible, or whether they are prevented from doing so due to gridlock on London’s roads. I suspect, we won’t find out until the day.

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