Climate change - take action now!

Posted on: Thursday, 12 July 2012 by Rachael Dillon

Whilst we wonder where the great British summer has got to, Wednesday’s release of the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) Adaptation Sub-Committee progress report could not have come at a more opportune time. The conclusion that four times as many properties are at risk of flooding in England without action on climate change is concerning at a time when we are being blighted by torrential rain and experiencing flooding misery. We’ve had the wettest spring since records began. Scientific researchers are saying that melting artic sea ice as a result of global warming is causing this deluge of rain. The yearning for a decent summer may give us the motivation to reduce our carbon emissions but we need to adapt to changing weather patterns that are already happening and may get worse in the future.

According to the CCC, around one in seven properties (3.6 million homes and businesses) currently face some form of flood risk. At the same time, we’re also at risk of water scarcity. Changing weather patterns also have the power to disrupt our supply chains. Defra has launched Climate Ready UK to ensure that UK makes the right decisions now to address risks and opportunities posed by a changing climate. Government wants the public’s help on its proposals on issues such as agriculture, infrastructure and natural environment. The freight industry is committed to reducing carbon emissions through voluntary initiatives such as the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS) but operators also need to consider the impact of changing weather patterns on getting their goods from A to B.

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