Talking Rail With One Of The Shadows

Posted on: Thursday, 5 July 2012 by Mike Webb in categories Labour, Westminster, Rail

No, not Hank Marvin, but instead FTA was in Parliament to meet a member of the Shadow Transport team; John Woodcock MP.

Rail freight is of considerable economic and environmental importance to the UK, and it was helpful to be able to reiterate the real world practicalities around rail freight with the Labour party as their policy review continues.

Later this month, when the Government's specifications for the railway over the five years from 2014 are announced; he and his Labour colleagues will be scrutinising the plans in fine detail. It is therefore important that FTA set out what freight will be looking for - what paths we would like to see given particular focus, and the vital importance of protecting the Strategic Freight Network.

In addition, FTA set out industry's views on ORR's proposed reform to the charging regime on the railway. As an MP whose constituency employs a number of people in the nuclear industry; this is of both local and front bench interest to Mr Woodcock.

FTA thanks him for his time and looks forward to working with him in the coming months.


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