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Posted on: Friday, 29 June 2012 by Debbie Attwood

This week, we at FairFuelUK celebrated as the Chancellor announced the postponement of August’s 3ppl increase and we learned our campaigning had paid off.

Well done to FTA for its unstinting support of FairFuelUK; these campaigns go nowehere unless they’re funded and what we've achieved is a big deal. We got the Chancellor to walk away from £500m in the most extreme financial circumstances possible, and we've also got him to understand that any future rises in fuel duty are going to have to be very carefully considered. The days of just raising duty every budget because he can are over!

The 3ppl rise may have been scrapped until the end of the year, but come next March and a new budget, there'll be more attempts by the Treasury to hike it up again. That’s where FTA and all you members out there can carry on the good fight. We’ll need your support more than ever to make sure that we’re a consistently loud voice when it comes to transport tax, and fuel duty is a transport tax! We’ve got a road economy and fuel is embedded in the price of everything we buy and do. At last MPs, ministers and the Treasury know that this is no longer the gilded calf. FairFuelUk isn’t going away and we’re now the most successful public protest group in the UK. Stay with us, because campaigns like this work and, in all modesty, Peter Carroll and his team really did pull off a miracle on the scale of loaves and fishes.

Thanks everybody for your support.

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