It's a good news day………

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 June 2012 by Julie Maddocks

There’s no doubt that our members, as well as we at FTA, are delighted at the news that the Government will not go ahead with a three pence-a-litre fuel duty increase, planned for August.

The announcement was made this afternoon by Chancellor George Osborne in the House of Commons and came quick on the heels of the news that the Labour Party had this morning joined the call for all MPs to unite in scrapping the planned August 3p fuel duty hike.

There’s no doubt that the tireless work of FairFuelUK (the FTA-backed campaign), which is supported by more than a quarter of a million members of the public, would have had some influence on the Chancellor's decision today. The campaign group was created by road hauliers and motoring organisations as a result of spiralling fuel costs which have a devastating impact on haulage businesses, their customers and ultimately everyone!

If there was ever proof that people power works, this announcement is a great example. FairFuelUK has been lobbying the Government for the past year in order to stop planned fuel duty increases and fight for lower fuel prices, and working with politicians of all parties over recent months to build cross party support on this issue.

Fuel duty will be frozen for the rest of the year, the Chancellor told MPs, adding that the Government was "doing everything we can in very, very difficult economic circumstances" to help businesses and consumers. This has got to be good news for us all – but the fight is not over and we must carry on the campaign to scrap it altogether, and not just postpone it until the New Year.

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