Talking Rail And Climate With Committee Chair

Posted on: Monday, 25 June 2012 by Mike Webb in categories Environment, Westminster, Conservative

FTA has been in Parliament to discuss the Government's future plans for rail with one of the most experienced environmental voices in Westminster; Energy and Climate Change Committee Chair Tim Yeo MP.

In the next few weeks, the Government will announce its plans for rail investment over the five years from 2014. Although all the soundings coming from the DFT have seemed quite positive about the future of the Strategic Freight Network (SFN) in particular, it is vital that FTA uses every tool at its disposal to keep reiterating the importance of both the SFN and the schemes listed in the Initial Industry Plans to rail frieght; and the importance of rail freight to the wider economy.

Mr Yeo, a former Environment minister, was highly receptive to FTA's explanation of the importance of rail freight, and we look forward to working with him in the coming months. The discussion centred not only on the environmental importance of rail freight; but the value for money that an effective rail freight network can bring.

He was also interested in FTA's promotion of the need for a national network of gas refuelling points for hgvs and the tax situation surrounding used cooking oil as a fuel, and FTA will be contacting him again to raise these matters further.

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