National Fair Fuel Day

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 March 2012 by Mike Webb in categories FairFuel UK, Westminster, Road

March 7 saw the first ever National Fair Fuel Day take place in Westminster. Amid the rain, confusion, and large number of other demonstrations vying for space, several hundred dedicated FFUK supporters came to Parliament in the hope of making their MP aware of their dissatisfaction with the huge cost of filling a tank. FTA would like to put on record our thanks to all those logistics professionals and motorists who braved the rain to take part.

The day kicked off with the delivery of the recent CEBR report into the economic impact of fuel duty to 10 Downing Strret, with FTA Chief Executive Theo de Pencier joining FFUK campaign figurehead Quention Willson, campaign director Peter Carroll and representatives of the other supporter organisations outside Number 10 for a photocall and a range of media interviews.

Next, it was on to Westminster, and the first port of call was a rally and photos outside parliament with several hundred people gathered round a Fair Fuel UK banner. The lobby then moved inside, with each of the FFUK supporters exercising their constitutional right to ask to see their MP. Of course some MPs were unavailable, however many were around and scores were met face to face with the economic trouble caused to FFUK supporters by high levels of fuel duty, set to get worse if August's planned duty rise goes ahead.

Finally it was upstairs to a packed Committee room to thank those who had withstood the elements, and Messrs Willson and Carroll joining MPs Robert Halfon and Martin Vickers and RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning for a useful open discussion with supporters about how the campaign is going, and where it may be going next.

A happy and successful day was had by all, and March 21's Budget will show where all this pressure will yield its reward, or if it is falling on deaf Government ears.

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