Day 10: York to Doncaster, 58 miles

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 June 2011 by Toby Carroll in category Cycle ride

Here's the Yorks and Humberside team together for the first and only time.

We had a great briefing from Nikki who asserted her authority for a few seconds. She explained that the route had been adapted to meet the needs of the road bikes…

10 seconds later, whilst the road bikers were adjusting their power meters, the mountain bikers had evaporated in to the lanes of York leaving the roadies to follow the planned route.

It was a great effort from the Y&H committee, with John, Stuart and Bob on show and Peter providing refreshments at the finish.

With the road bikes making good progress and finishing the event an hour before the bulk of the off road bikes arrived back at Bentley we didn't get the opportunity to say our thanks and farewells - although the wet weather had probably dampened our enthusiasm.

Claire joined us the day after completing a triathlon. Apparently you are not allowed to talk in a triathlon as she spent the whole day sharing details of the competition with Nikki - if they add freestyle talking to triathlon at the Olympics my money is on Claire for gold. She was also good enough to show the men how girls from Donny clear their nasal passages!

Longest traveller of the day was Alan who had made the long trek from the Lakes. It turned out to be a long day for Alan who ended up last man in-for those who rode with James in the North West it sounds like James had been loading carbs for a day or two in anticipation of the event... and beating someone. Full marks to Brendan and Tom the first father and son team on the event.

What a treat to see the sun as we arrived in sunny Donny.

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