Talking Fuel Duty In Llanelli

Posted on: Friday, 4 March 2011 by Mike Webb in categories Media and campaigns, Plaid_Cymru, Wales

FTA’s continuing tour of the country talking about fuel duty issues continued on Friday with a trip to Llanelli in South Wales, and a conversation with local MP Nia Griffith.

Owens Roads Services are based in Llanelli, and joined FTA for the discussion to give it some real world industry flavour.

Ms Griffith has held a long-standing interest in logistics issues, as well she might in an area as logistics-focused as Llanelli, which has clearly been maintained since her elevation to the Labour front bench as a Shadow minister for Business, Innovation and Skills.

FTA certainly seemed to have left an impression on her of the impact that the forthcoming fuel duty rise on April 1 would have on the logistics industry, and FTA hopes this will be kept in mind as Labour consider their response to the forthcoming Budget.

The Budget will take place on 23 March, and FTA is working hard every day to impress upon the Chancellor the importance of acting now to support logistics by lowering the price of fuel.

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