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Posted on: Thursday, 7 April 2011 by Toby Carroll in category International

As you are probably aware TruckPol is involved in a joint project called NSFRITS. The purpose of NSFRITS is to:

  • provide live in-cab communications to drivers about conditions in the region or country they are about to enter
  • develop a multi-lingual, electronic communications and data capture system for the freight supply chain
  • update transport managers and freight handlers about their drivers and loads as they move around the North Sea Region
  • employ the most up-to-date technology to transmit and receive data in a series of languages for lone workers

So far the NSFRITS application is running a number of data sources such as:

  • crime hotspot data from TruckPol and other EU sources
  • safe parking from the IRU
  • Highways Agency and Traffic Scotland
  • freight-specific roads information

More data sources are being added as agreements are put in place such as transport document information, border information, ports updates etc.

The project is moving into the final phase which will involve live trials. These trials will be in the format of drivers being provided a smartphone with the NSFRITS application pre-loaded. Drivers can then use the application as they go about their daily/weekly tasks and can then provide feedback on the application.

Full training will be provided to the drivers and also to fleet managers and dispatchers. The trials will run over a period of about 3 months.

How can you help

We are looking for companies and drivers to volunteer to use the application and to provide feedback on its benefits. The process will be as simple as possible so as not to become a burden on your daily routines. We are specifically looking for companies and drivers who travel to and from the North Sea region and where possible travel to the EU via the North Sea region (although this is not a pre-requisite as UK-only routes are also being trialled).

If you are interested in taking part then please contact either Sue Coutts at TruckPol. We will then arrange to attend your offices and provide a presentation on the project and the proposed trials and go through some of the finer points of the trials and the devices.

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