Mr Smith Goes To Westminster - And Meets With FTA

Posted on: Friday, 8 April 2011 by Mike Webb in categories Media and campaigns, Wales, Westminster

Today, FTA met with new Blaenau Gwent MP and Fair Fuel UK supporter Nick Smith to discuss the key logistics issues affecting companies in South Wales, alongside Owens Roads Services, who have a base in Mr Smith’s constituency. 

Owens set out to Mr Smith the tight margins that they are forced to work to, and the impact this has in terms of contracts, fuel suppliers and the increasing difficulty of gaining credit while waiting to get paid for work. Mr Smith has been an energetic supporter of FFUK, and has even raised the issue with the Prime Minister in the House of Commons Chamber.

In addition to a productive discussion on fuel duty, the group discussed the impact of the Severn tolls on logistics, giving FTA a chance to set out concerns both with the rate of tolls, the lack of a future plan, and potential issues arising from the WAG’s desire to take the crossing into Welsh control. It was a vibrant discussion, and FTA will be working with Mr Smith again in the future on these important issues.

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