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Posted on: Thursday, 17 March 2011 by Mike Webb in categories Media and campaigns, Scotland, Liberal Democrat, Conservative

FTA has met with representatives of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Conservatives in Edinburgh, to make sure that the voice of logistics is still ringing in the ears of Scotland's politicians before they go off about the campaign trail.

First up was Scottish Liberal Democrat Alison McInnes, the North East MSP who has for some time handled the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change brief for her party. Given her longstanding interest in both transport and environmental issues, it is unsurprising that she was very taken with FTA's pioneering Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme, as well as planning issues, short-sea shipping and learning the lessons from last winter.

She reassured FTA that in government the Lib Dems would be placing their top priority on those projects that help Scotland's economy recovery and will improve transport safety. FTA argued that with this in mind, flexiparking is a perfect project for the party to sink its teeth into.

FTA also met with the Head of Research for the Scottish Conservatives, Michael Veitch. He was broadly sympathetic to the prioritisation FTA have given in the manifesto to schemes of particular logistics importance. Like the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives would seek to prioritise the most important routes as the budget post-election will be severly constrained. He has also set out that the current TICC spokesman, Jackson Carlaw MSP, has been a longstanding fan of hard-shoulder running as a method to cure rush hour congestion, so the Conservatives will be looking at this in the new term.

Given FTA's success in talking to the Westminster government about letting industry cure its problems rather than relying on Government decrees, it was encouraging to hear Mr Veitch talk of a similar principle being required in Scotland, and consequently was attracted by the theory behind flexiparking, although the plan was not discussed in huge detail.

FTA thanks both parties for their time, and looks forward to seeing them after the election to discuss the FTA manifesto further.

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