FTA flies to the Eagle

Posted on: Wednesday, 12 January 2011 by Mike Webb in categories Media and campaigns, Westminster

Today FTA had its first chance to sit down with Ed Miliband’s new woman in charge of transport, Garston and Halewood’s Maria Eagle.

The twin sister of Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Angela, Maria has been asked to conduct a root and branch assessment of what Labour did on transport in Government, with a view to learning what worked and what didn’t for businesses and passengers. These meetings will form part of a forthcoming transport policy review for the Labour party, as it seeks to learn the lessons of last year’s election defeat.

Chief Executive Theo de Pencier was impressed with Ms Eagle’s knowledge of FTA and the role it plays within the logistics industry, and the two enjoyed a lengthy chat taking in areas such as fuel duty, lorry road user charging, the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme and more.

As ever, FTA is grateful for the chance to sit down with the Shadow Transport Secretary, and looks forward to working with her and her colleagues in the future to make sure that the Labour policy review concludes in a way that will support the logistics industry going forward.

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