Safe use of X-ray scanners

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 December 2010 by Toby Carroll in category International

Border, port and other inspection authorities are increasingly using non-intrusive inspection scanners to generate interior images of commercial vehicles.

IRU calls for X-ray safety guarantee

The road transport body IRU is calling upon government authorities to guarantee that X-ray technologies and machines used have no negative consequences for drivers’ health nor leave residue that may negatively impact drivers in the long-term. IRU is also seeking the harmonisation of control procedures, regular technical inspections and proper maintenance of X-ray machines; as well as making related information generally available.

X-ray scanners, which are used to reveal contraband as well as the presence of illegal immigrants on board, are considered by inspection authorities as an efficient complement to manual checks. However, no preventive measures to protect the drivers are available, and no information on control procedures and on the impact of x-ray inspections on the health of drivers is accessible.

The IRU is calling on governments to put in place preventive measures to ensure that drivers are at a sufficient distance from their vehicles during scanning in order to prevent any health damage, as well as to introduce a certificate of mutual recognition of vehicle inspections in order to limit their number by national authorities from different countries.

What's your experience of vehicle X-ray scanners?

How many times a week on average do your drivers pass through scanners? Are they usually allowed to leave their vehicle and stand clear? Any international members who have information to share or concerns about this topic are invited to forward their points of view to Don Armour, International department, in order to help us inform the debate.

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