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Posted on: Tuesday, 7 December 2010 by Toby Carroll in category International

Roadside medical services are few and far between for international drivers. Possibly the most well developed system is that offered in Germany, known as DocStop and operated by the non-commercial association "DocStop for Europeans e.V.".

DocStop was founded to support public healthcare and encourage better medical assistance for commercial drivers on their journeys across Europe. German or foreign drivers can access the service in a variety of ways should they suffer from pain or illness whilst in Germany.

How to access DocStop

  • Call the hotline on +49 (0)1805 112 024 The caller will receive information on DocStop medical partners in Germany (with details of opening hours, address, phone number and availability of parking). These contact points will normally be located at service areas or medical practices and hospitals in direct proximity to the contact points or motorway slip roads. The hotline is staffed 24/7 by trained personnel who are able to speak many European languages.
  • Find a DocStop location - overview of all locations in MAP & GUIDE / IRU TRANSPark Commercial drivers can use MAP & GUIDE Software, in which all DocStop medical partners in Germany are included; or they can use the interactive IRU truck parking search and registration tool TRANSPark (see below).
  • Go online - "DocStop for Europeans e.V." website. All the available medical partners can be found on If necessary, commercial drivers can find out in advance the locations of specialist doctors in Germany before setting out.

DocStop Logo on display

All partners in Germany (either medical partners or service station partners) are encouraged to display the DocStop logo in their place of work. As a result of displaying the logo, hgv drivers will be able to access the help and advice of service staff wherever they are Germany. Individual partners decide what services their individual practices are able to offer.

UK drivers can obtain treatment by showing their European health insurance card. If they do not have a card or if more advanced treatment is necessary, the doctor will make a charge.

Similar medical services in other countries

Arrangements similar to DocStop have been developed by other transport trade associations in Spain and Romania. Information on medical doctors who are ready to help drivers in need at lorry parking areas is available on the IRU website. Members will find the DocStop logo/medical assistance icon that indicates medical help is available on the “parking information area” webpage of individual truck parks.

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