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Posted on: Thursday, 15 July 2010 by Mike Webb in categories Westminster, Media and campaigns, Wales

After detailed negotiations, careful bargaining and a few favours called in, the House of Commons Select Committees have appointed their members and can start their important job of scrutinising the Government. Given the abnormally high number of new MPs elected in May, the Committees could always be expected to see a large number of new faces; and this is certainly the case for the Committees of relevance to FTA.

On the Transport Committee, popular Chair Louise Ellman has been re-elected unopposed, and will be joined by returning members Angela Smith (Labour) and John Leech (Liberal Democrat), however the remainder of the Committee is all new. There is some familiarity with former transport minister Tom Harris joining the Committee, however the Conservative side is all 2010 intake. For full details of the new members, please contact Mike Webb at FTA.

The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee is, even by 2010 standards, full of fresh faces. Only the Chair, West Bromwich West Labour MP Adrian Bailey, and Conservative Brian Binley were present in the House of Commons before the election. Interestingly, former Union supremo and husband of the current Leader of the Opposition Jack Dromey is seeking to make his mark in parliament on this Committee, as are well-known entrepreneurs Margot James and Nadhim Zahawi on the Conservative side. So the Committee may be short on parliamentary experience but it appears there is plenty of industrial know-how.

Conveniently, the new Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee is the former haulier David Davies, who will be working alongside well-known Severn tolls campaigner Jessica Morden. The Energy and Climate Change Committee is chaired by a former Environment Secretary, Conservative Tim Yeo.

FTA will be feeding back into all of these Committees when they hold relevant inquiries.

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