FTA welcomes Ellman's re-election in person

Posted on: Monday, 19 July 2010 by Mike Webb in categories Media and campaigns, Westminster

Today, FTA has had a useful and interesting discussion with the re-elected Chair of the Transport Select Committee, Liverpool Riverside MP Louise Ellman.

The meeting gave FTA the chance to set out some of the primary policy concerns of interest to FTA members, and suggesting some areas which the Committee may find it useful to investigate. These ranged from rail access to the Channel Tunnel, to the impact of the coalition Government’s policies on the aviation sector and UK PLC, funding mechanisms for the DfT’s agencies and provision of safe truck parking facilities.

The Committee performs an important and well-publicised role in holding the Government to account, and FTA has regularly contributed both written and oral evidence to their inquiries. The meeting with Mrs Ellman will serve as a useful first step in ensuring that this mutually-beneficient relationship continues as strongly in the new Parliament as it did in the last one.

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