FTA and the Global Shippers’ Forum

The Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF), of which FTA is the Secretariat, has recently launched a new website.

Visit the new GSF website to learn more about the organisation and also get a quick overview using the information below.

What is the GSF?

The Global Shippers’ Forum is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and the world’s leading trade association for shippers engaged in international trade moving goods by all modes of transport.

What does the GSF do?

GSF specialises in the co-ordination of transport and trade policy from the world’s various regions.

The main focus of the GSF is to influence commercial developments in the international freight transport industry and the policy decisions of governments and international organisations as they affect shippers and receivers of freight.

What is FTA’s relationship with GSF?

In a display of confidence that recognised its capabilities and expertise in global supply chains, FTA was voted in as Secretariat for the Global Shippers’ Forum by GSF members in June 2011.

This move also saw GSF formally incorporated and registered as a non-governmental organisation in the United Kingdom

Chris Welsh, FTA Director of Global and European Policy, became GSF Secretary General, and James Hookham, FTA Managing Director, continued his role on the GSF Board of Directors.

What does FTA’s involvement in GSF mean for members?

FTA’s position as Secretariat for GSF will have the following long-term benefits for FTA members.

  • Provide a global market for FTA's growing range of global information services
  • Increase the likelihood for UN accreditation
  • Offer greater opportunities to influence international transport policy issues with the main inter-governmental organisations

How can I find more information?

Visit the Global Shippers’ Forum website to learn more about the organisation.