Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about what we do at a company, community, industry and world level to ensure not only business performance, but that we behave responsibly. CSR includes everything we do and everyone we deal with at FTA.

Company level

FTA is a responsible business that is being run efficiently, for example adhering to the laws, having high employee retention and creating value for our members.

  • Time off for Territorial Army
  • Time off for charity trustee or school governor commitments
  • Ride2Work scheme
  • Diversity training for all
  • Car share scheme
  • Employees are encouraged to take part in CSR events

Community level

This is about how FTA affects our local communities. It supports the local community through philanthropy, efficient resource use and reducing waste.

  • Managing waste
  • Recycle paper/cans/cardboard
  • Recycle copier and printer cartridges
  • Work experience pupils from local schools
  • Love Logistics toolkit
  • Volunteer projects within the community

Industry level

FTA takes action towards other businesses in the same industry. It serves as a good example, leading the way for innovative solutions and co-creation of value in alliances and partnerships.

  • Green KPIs
  • Partnership with Transaid
  • Hosting the Logistics Carbon Reduction Conference
  • Official supporters of the everywoman Awards, supporting women in business

World level

Where possible, FTA strives to promote responsible conduct. FTA recommends, and attempts in our own everyday practices, to act as important carriers of information on CSR-related issues and practices.